Monday, March 25, 2013

It Starts With The Dress

I find myself wrapped up with deep gratitude for my little flower and herb farm, as I’m planning this years flower field and gardens, ordering seeds for farm fresh weddings this year, it hit me, …It starts with the dress!

The bridal gown often leads the way in styling this special day. Of course it will be romantic but is it Victorian, Gothic, Renaissance, Vintage Wedding, Simple Elegance, Farm Chic, Romantic Country, Traditional or Hippie. When deciding the style of your gown, you’re actually creating a theme for your wedding day. Keeping this in mind will help all other decision making simple. Stay within the style!

As you shop for your gown go to as many Bridal Shops as possible. Enjoy this process as a way of getting to know your own tastes. Don’t allow yourself to be pressured into purchasing a gown that doesn’t suit who you are.  Be realistic in the silhouette of the dress. Choose a gown that flatters you, not over power you, the beauty that will be wearing it. Prices range  greatly depending on where you shop. Thrift shop to high end bridal boutiques, to custom bridal couture.  Consider your hair style and veil, staying true to your wedding. Work with professionals you’re comfortable with. Ask your vendors who they recommend for photography and music.

Creating your flower and decorating budget is one of the most important decision you’ll make throughout your wedding planning after the choosing of the bridal gown. Through the years of working on weddings first as a seamstress and now as a  farm fresh floral designer, I have come to know there are three things your guests will remember years from now. How the beautiful the bride was! How  yummy the food tasted, including the cake and how engaging the centerpieces were.
For this important day, reflect with your guests in mind. Think about  how to touch all their senses.  Through your centerpieces you’ll provide interest for three of these; sight through texture, color and lighting, guests will be drawn into the details they won’t be able to resist touching the blooms and fragrance of fresh flowers will touch everyone’s heart and nose.

Now ask yourself, “What sets you and the bridegroom apart? What is your style? What touches your senses?”  Are your styles similar or completely different? How might you blend them together as you create the atmosphere for your wedding day? What are the current trends? Some sources for visuals are,  and 

Now for your flower budget. Once the gown is underway it will be easier to make decisions on the wedding flowers.  Its may surprise you there are many options to think about.

Next break your flower costs into two sections. First the Bridal Party and Second the reception centerpieces.

Keep in mind as you choose your Bridal bouquet , like the Bridal gown you’ll be setting the tone for the Bridal Party Flowers.  For the bridal party you'll need to consider your Maid of Honor, Bridesmaid(s), Jr. Bridesmaid, Flower-girl(s) and a possible toss bouquet. Corsages for the Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom, Grandmothers, Godmother(s). The Groom, Best-man, Groomsmen, Ushers, Father of the Bride, Father of the Groom, Grandfather(s), Godfather(s), Ring-bearer.  

As you make the Bridal Party flower decisions the second  step will begin to fall into place. Be realistic in the cost per table.    As you envision your tablescapes think ‘Wow Factor‘. What says ‘Wow’ to you? Is it a sea of flowers? A stately single rose?  Bright colors of hot pink, deep reds? Or perhaps  Pastels or even a combo of soft hues with brights? Vases of shimmery glass or urns over flowing with multicolored blooms?
As a specialty cut flower grower, I think in seasonal availability. You want to think along these lines too to get the most for your budget.  What season is your special day planned for?  Early spring, late spring or midsummer, summer late? Fall, Christmas or winter? All of these micro-seasons offer different possibilities for local blooms. Cost for each table may include a purchase or rental a vase,  the flowers  adding with it the design work. Perhaps stones or crystals for extra bling and drama. Table runner or color square, center charger, mirrors, favors, candles, accent fabric such as burlap and lace have been very chic. As brides strive to be unique  with their table runners the fabrics are taking on a bit more of a refined look; such as finer weaves of fabrics, woven patterns. A local source for colored textured fabrics is Gotcha Covered located in Frontier
Town, Romeo, MI.

Once you have these decisions lined up, its time to choose a creative florist, a floral artist or maybe you’ve discovered you are true DIY bride taking it all the way to the flower arranging. Take time to think about this and shop around for the best personal fit.   (edited and published in Tri City Times April, 3 2013)
After a long winter of settling into new routine and systems its time to revive the blog. this is an anniversary arrangement for a dear friend and long standing customer, 49 years of marriage! That's something to celebrate! Congratulations Dave and Diane Bishop. Two of my favorite people! Who have raised even more of my favorite people :)