Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Weeding out & Choosing things I love

one of my fav's! Time worn terracotta clay pots and a vintage picket fence brought home here from the old farm/studio.
 The settling in continues here on our little urban farm and garden shop/ floral studio. Brides seeking simple yet elegant garden style weddings are finding me. The butterfly count has increased tremendously. My brothers honey bees are finding the flowers with abundant numbers. Although there are many things yet to be done, peace reins here. The flowers are blooming despite the up and down temperatures.

As I seek simplicity in weeding the garden, weeding out the old stuff from the shop, weeding out the old ways of doing things, seeking simplified ways to be, I find it can be quite difficult at times! lol and the task can be daunting but hey pressing on to find the more productive- peace filled path in all directions will bring happier brighter blooms, flower farmer and  more creative designs

Time well spent.

As I'm decorating the new home and studio, choosing things only that truly speak of beauty and loveliness, SO NOT an easy job lots of piles of boxes find their way to the end of the hall, stacked for days waiting for their trip off to the Good Will and trash. I have to wonder when will it all settle in???... but persistence is part of who I am and it will all settle in to a fine humming- along mode. Its only been over a year since moving here and so much has already settled in.

As much as I'd love to make this blog only about weddings,  real life  creeps in and presents itself though the keyboard.  I hope you don't mind me being real. This blog too will settle in with its rightful pages and such... Thanks for visiting.

May His Peace and Grace rain down on you, as it has on me. Love, Teemie

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Flowers touch souls

Something magical has happened, a slow deep meaningful process has been unfolding for years but more so this past year working with my bride, Katie.

Flowers touch souls. They have touched mine deeply through the years. This wedding showed me how they truly touch others with the same depth.

I thought it was just a hopeful thought dancing through my spirit.
To see how deeply flowers bless others and embrace their special life celebrations... leave me speechless....

Friday, July 26, 2013

Wedding flowers

pick pick pick vase vase vase water water water design design design enjoying every second of it!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

living on the edge...

Early June Lizzies with a weed or two.I threw out perfection a long time ago. 
Found it TAIN"T worth the energy spent!

Playing it safe is the riskiest choice we can ever make...Sarah Ban Breathnach of Simple Abundance

Flower farming is a risky business but the rewards are amazing! Funny thing.... I just had a vision of Tom Cruise in his BVD's doing air guitar..... wow ok then on to my wild ride of a life :) Blessings to you!!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A colorful day in the life of a flower farmer/designer...

A Zinnia corsage soon to be created
A work in progress ... sunflower is not happy from a rain storm soon to perk up. Purple Lizzies are very resilient and the Snaps as happy as can be.
A bit of wild gathering and a trade, Hydrangeas and wild Queen's Anne Lace
 Multi Colored Yarrow
Black Eyed Susans

This week ahead....

Enjoying the process...

Last year it was a very quiet year around here in the gardens with the most excitement coming from the teeny tiny bit of wet land offering unusual moths and birds right up close. But nothing compares to the butterflies. Oh how I missed them. I have been pleasantly surprised at the variety and the numbers of them among the flowers and weeds.

Deep in wedding work this week.

Farm Garden Studio is still going through a bit of transformation, making space for the increase in wedding work with focus on  flowers, flowers, oh yes and more flowers.

Think of Country Blooms when you're looking for 'farm fresh' flowers and herbs, a gift of flowers,  vintage goods created into a flower or herb  pin, a class for creating with flowers and herbs, a sachet of dried florals, a gift basket of farm fresh shortbread (order ahead). Garden style arrangements for your blessings of others.

Must run weeds to address, phone calls to make, flowers to cut, pictures to take...  wishing you a peacefilled week ahead. Teemie

Sunday, July 21, 2013

ah the romance of

 ah the romance of  beauty in bloom.

Visions of blooms dancing in the air.. colors of pink Snaps, burgundy Dahlias, white Cosmos,  the scent of Sweet Annie wafting in the air.. What I have found to be true is gardening on this scale is seriously hard work. To bring these wedding visions to life can be very joyful yet I ponder  the weeding, mulching watering continuous tilling, planting, picking, dead heading, planning next years gardens on a grander scale.  The greenhouse going up...

A quick pick for a floral head wreath project....

Where did all this start?  As a kid I remember going into the local florist with my Mom to buy flowers. It was a quaint shop with flowers everywhere.Owens Florist in Almont, MI. Flowers in pots and buckets, on the counter, handfuls were being clipped and arranged right before my eyes. I fell in love!  The fragrance! The colors! Each petal designed by God's hand. 

Mrs Owens told Mom she would call her daughter to see if there was a certain spring bulb blooming in the greenhouse. I remember thinking... "A greenhouse? They have their own greenhouse? They can just go pick and bring it to the shop? " I was about 8 years old and I was awe struck. 

Mom drove me by their little flower farm that day. A little house with greenhouses near the road, I could see the daffodils through the glass panes. Rows of them. 

The passion for creating with flowers goes back a long ways. 

Working with beauty is hard work, but hey, someone has to do it. I'm so glad its me. 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Tidy. tidy. tidy, plan. plant  plant. No the  case of beer at the end of my drive is not from an all nighter here, Cleaning the ditch reveals all kinds of stuff. I've been mowing the ditch on occasion but for now will leave it to the Milk Weed,Queen's Ann Lace and Chicory.

So the blog is coming together slow but sure. Learning tons. I am surrounded by amazing people who are clever, very knowledgeable, creative and very encouraging giving me a helping hand to get it all pulled together in a neat package to present to you. NOT an easy task for creative brains like mine. I'm blessed as these folks love me despite my weaknesses and help me to shine far better than were I on my own.

I could keep hiding as this farm garden shop/ gardens and blog all comes together but why? I have a couple (well maybe a few) passions in  my life one my family, two flowers, growing flowers, designing flowers.... three sharing about my creative business in hopes that others will too seek their creative passion, what ever it may be.

So come, be a part of the travels this creative business. pop in here or pop by this lil farm for some
refreshing real life beauty.  Breath it in and breath it out.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bridal Baby's Breath Head Wreath

This lovely floral crown was custom made for a flower girl head wreath in PA. Of Baby's Breath with accents of handmade satin ribbon roses.
Each is handmade for your custom order. Perfect for the Bridal head piece, flower girls or the bridesmaids. Bringing your farm fresh wedding floral vision to life.

Offered on my Etsy shop. https://www.etsy.com/listing

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

 A little eye candy as you kick off your shoes, pour a glass of wine and check out your favorite blogs. Hope mine will soon be one of them.

One of my favs! The terracotta pots made the trip to their new home. Not much different than the last, with the vintage picket fencing.

Thank you Lidy for your sweet encouragement to blog. I have a long ways  to go and much, much to catch up on. : ) in the blogging sphere. Its been far too long but so many things have been accomplished as I have been quiet in my own little world. The transition here to the new farm has been fairy seamless, filled with God's Grace and Provision. I am surrounded by friends and family who have and are continuously being supportive and very helpful.

Its only been just past a year here,  my 2nd cutting garden   : ) which expanded a great deal this spring with help of another local woman farmer, Wez, tilling up new soil. The high tunnel is going up and will be in production by September. Working on the tedious tasks of it now, literally the nuts and bolts of it.

Its exciting to be a part of the slow flower movement but...Talk About SLOW flowers! This years weather has been one challenge after another. Blooms seem to be about a month behind.

I've posted pictures on my face book page and many more to come... I'll share a couple here. Hope everyone is staying cool! Shop hours are Friday, Saturday (10-4) and Sunday (2-4)U Pick available with the colorful Yarrow. Zinnias are very short due to weather conditions but are blooming.... More flowers to come!

Flower orders are welcome just give me a call and plenty of lead way for gathering and arranging. There are still a couple wedding dates available through October. Teemie direct -810-310-0711
ok well there's a glitch in my system. I'll be back with pictures tomorrow... Later Teemie

Friday, July 12, 2013

The latest project for early spring flowers 2014

I'm here :)

Here I am this little flower farmer.... learning tons, weeding, designing and now blogging. Oh the learning curve of it all.

New Latin botanical names that tie my tongue in a knot. How to post pics by phone (hmmmm still seeking help with that) finding the right mulch, weeding methods in this wet season. Although I am not complaining as the water tables are said to being restored after the drought. Record keeping! yep not a strong suit for me but I am determined to make easy to use methods that will help grow this flower farm into a place of supplying beauty for all our romantic needs.

I'm walk in constant amazement of how  much encouragement comes to me by way of kinds words, physical help from friends old and new, the lending of tools, offerings of plants to build this 2.5 acres into a flourishing farm. I stand in awe of the plan that is far more than just little ole me. As help is arranged from above at a moments notice. I am humbled by the process I see before me. Some scratch there heads and say what are you doing? Some shake their heads in disbelief of how it comes together. And many ask questions as to how? Why?

Right now all I know for sure is that this is a plan that has been placed on my heart long ago. to grow beauty, to design for others. to share all that it is, with you.

Open today 1- 5, tomorrow 9-5, Sunday 1:30-4