Friday, July 12, 2013

I'm here :)

Here I am this little flower farmer.... learning tons, weeding, designing and now blogging. Oh the learning curve of it all.

New Latin botanical names that tie my tongue in a knot. How to post pics by phone (hmmmm still seeking help with that) finding the right mulch, weeding methods in this wet season. Although I am not complaining as the water tables are said to being restored after the drought. Record keeping! yep not a strong suit for me but I am determined to make easy to use methods that will help grow this flower farm into a place of supplying beauty for all our romantic needs.

I'm walk in constant amazement of how  much encouragement comes to me by way of kinds words, physical help from friends old and new, the lending of tools, offerings of plants to build this 2.5 acres into a flourishing farm. I stand in awe of the plan that is far more than just little ole me. As help is arranged from above at a moments notice. I am humbled by the process I see before me. Some scratch there heads and say what are you doing? Some shake their heads in disbelief of how it comes together. And many ask questions as to how? Why?

Right now all I know for sure is that this is a plan that has been placed on my heart long ago. to grow beauty, to design for others. to share all that it is, with you.

Open today 1- 5, tomorrow 9-5, Sunday 1:30-4

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So looking forward to reading more about farm life, you, your wonderful business and flowers, Teemie!