Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Weeding out & Choosing things I love

one of my fav's! Time worn terracotta clay pots and a vintage picket fence brought home here from the old farm/studio.
 The settling in continues here on our little urban farm and garden shop/ floral studio. Brides seeking simple yet elegant garden style weddings are finding me. The butterfly count has increased tremendously. My brothers honey bees are finding the flowers with abundant numbers. Although there are many things yet to be done, peace reins here. The flowers are blooming despite the up and down temperatures.

As I seek simplicity in weeding the garden, weeding out the old stuff from the shop, weeding out the old ways of doing things, seeking simplified ways to be, I find it can be quite difficult at times! lol and the task can be daunting but hey pressing on to find the more productive- peace filled path in all directions will bring happier brighter blooms, flower farmer and  more creative designs

Time well spent.

As I'm decorating the new home and studio, choosing things only that truly speak of beauty and loveliness, SO NOT an easy job lots of piles of boxes find their way to the end of the hall, stacked for days waiting for their trip off to the Good Will and trash. I have to wonder when will it all settle in???... but persistence is part of who I am and it will all settle in to a fine humming- along mode. Its only been over a year since moving here and so much has already settled in.

As much as I'd love to make this blog only about weddings,  real life  creeps in and presents itself though the keyboard.  I hope you don't mind me being real. This blog too will settle in with its rightful pages and such... Thanks for visiting.

May His Peace and Grace rain down on you, as it has on me. Love, Teemie

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