Saturday, July 20, 2013

Tidy. tidy. tidy, plan. plant  plant. No the  case of beer at the end of my drive is not from an all nighter here, Cleaning the ditch reveals all kinds of stuff. I've been mowing the ditch on occasion but for now will leave it to the Milk Weed,Queen's Ann Lace and Chicory.

So the blog is coming together slow but sure. Learning tons. I am surrounded by amazing people who are clever, very knowledgeable, creative and very encouraging giving me a helping hand to get it all pulled together in a neat package to present to you. NOT an easy task for creative brains like mine. I'm blessed as these folks love me despite my weaknesses and help me to shine far better than were I on my own.

I could keep hiding as this farm garden shop/ gardens and blog all comes together but why? I have a couple (well maybe a few) passions in  my life one my family, two flowers, growing flowers, designing flowers.... three sharing about my creative business in hopes that others will too seek their creative passion, what ever it may be.

So come, be a part of the travels this creative business. pop in here or pop by this lil farm for some
refreshing real life beauty.  Breath it in and breath it out.

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